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                      Contact us

                      Fans Lighting Company Limited
                      Address:No.1 Nanlong Road, Nanlian Community, Longgang District, Shenzhen 518116 China

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                      Fans Lighting Company Limited is an efficient lighting manufacturer since year 2010, a professional company engage in researching, developing, manufacturing and sales of LED tube lights and LED panel lights. Our company is located in Shenzhen China. Fans Lighting owns nearly 3000 square meters modern standard workshop with advanced production equipment, complete inspection instruments and reliable testing equipment.

                      In order to meet different customer’s requirement. Fans Lighting has adopted strictly quality Assurance System ISO9001 deepening to each process to make sure all products are produced and controlled according to the international standards within each production. Our products have approved CE, RHOS, FCC certificates.

                      Our main market are Europe, North America, Australia, South Asia and other areas. We will keep on researching to improve the luminous flux, lighting efficiency and intelligent control technology of lighting products. Our aim is to be always the most advanced designer and producer of lighting solutions.

                      With advanced electronic assembly lines, complete production equipments, clean workshop environment, professional management systems. Our teams have raised the business offer to a new level.

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                      No.1 Nanlong Road, Nanlian Community, Longgang District, Shenzhen 518116 China  URL:www.nnxwbj.com