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                      LED Technology
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                      • 日期: 2015-05-23
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                      LED lamp, with its incomparable advantages, gradually replaced the traditional fluorescent tube light. LED products are diverse and used in various areas such as supermarkets, schools, offices, subways etc. Meanwhile, the quality of LED lights in the domestic market is quite uneven and the price is higher than traditional lamp, thus choosing a LED light that worth the money is quite important. This time, the protagonist we’re going to talk is LED tube light.

                      LED tube light is considered as the most promising lighting that can replace traditional fluorescent tube lamp. Choosing energy-saving, long service life and environmental friendly LED tube light is not an easy work. Here are two tips:

                      Firstly, quality and safety certificates of the LED tube light cannot miss. There are many safety certificates such as CCC, CE, GS and UL, LED tube lights with these certificates are more reliable in safety, design and property. You can find these flags generally appear on the product packing or presentation.

                      Secondly, you should select appropriate LED tube light based on the operating environment. CRI (color rendering index) and color temperature are two important factors. CRI of most lamps in the market is about 70, the higher the CRI, the brighter the lamp will be. The color temperature also matters a lots, LED of color temperature around 3000K emits light golden yellow, natural white of color temperature around 4500K and white of color temperature around 6000K. LED tube light that emits light of warm white or sunny white is usually applied in areas such as hotels, restaurants, bedrooms etc, cause it will create a feeling of warm and serenity. LED tube light emitting white light create a comfortable and relaxed feeling, generally used in schools, offices, living rooms hospitals, airports etc.

                      Therefore, buying a functional LED tube light is also a technical work. Some basic understanding of them will help a lot.

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