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                      LED Technology
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                      “T” is the first letter of the English word “Tube”. The figures behind T represent a diameter of the lamp. The length of each T refers to the 1/8 inch and an inch is 25.4 mm. Thus the diameter of the T8 tube is one inch 25.4 mm (8/8**25.4=25.4mm).

                      Size difference of LED t5/t8 tube:
                      Each T is approximately equal to a 3.175mm.
                      T8 tube diameter is then 25.4mm, which is a one inch diameter tube. The remaining digits correspond to the following:
                      T12 tube light diameter: (12/8) * 25.4 = 38.1 mm
                      T10 tube light diameter: (10/8) * 25.4=31.8 mm
                      T8 tube light diameter: (8/8)*25.4=25.4 mm
                      T5 tube light diameter: (5/8)*25.4=16 mm
                      T4 tube light diameter: (4/8)*25.4=12.7 mm
                      T3.5 tube light diameter: (3.5/8)*25.4=11.1 mm
                      T2 tube light diameter: (2/8)*25.4= 6.4 mm

                      Application difference of LED T5/T8 tube:

                      In the current market, LED T8 tube is undoubtedly used in the big projects, schools, factories, hospitals, institutions, bus advertising, subway stations. LED T8 tube is easily integrated built-in power. Since T5 led tube diameter is too small, at present it is difficult to built-in power inside, only can be make to integration or directly using the external power supply. So in terms of the complexity of the replacement, led T8 lamps are far better than led T5 lamp and be used.

                      But in the field of Home decoration, more than 80% of home improvement family room use T5 led tube as the decorative illumination. Led t5 tube with the advantage of small diameter, can be used in the ceiling lamp. With the cost of led lighting going down, the home led lighting market will increase hugely. Thus, T5 led tube also will be have a fast development.

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